These Useful Life Hacks Are Going To Change Your Life For The Better

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The internet is full of life hacks and DIY projects to use around the home, office or life hacks to make you more beautiful and confident in life. Usually, we are focused so much on the bigger picture that we forget the small things in life that can be fixed to make living life a breeze. That’s why life hacks exist! There are millions of incredible life hacks out there that you’ve probably never even heard about! We’ve searched the web to find the most interesting and useful life hacks just for you. Read on to learn about the life hacks that will be certain to improve your life. cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Black Pepper Life Hack

If you’re tired of your clothes fading and looking dull after a few washes, all you need is a spoonful of black pepper. Yep, you heard us right. Putting a spoonful of black pepper in the washing machine (along with your laundry detergent) will make your clothes look brighter and more colorful.

Generally, your clothes look faded due to residue leftover from your laundry detergent, but if you put in some black pepper, that doesn’t happen. The pepper works like sandpaper, exfoliating your clothes while they’re in the wash and ensuring that no soap remains on them afterward. What a great life hack! cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Aluminum Foil Hack

Why would anyone wrap themselves in tin foil you ask? It’s not just to keep the aliens out of your brainwaves. It can actually ease pains and many other ailments. Supposedly, the metal foil can help open energy pathways in your body called meridians.

Opening the energy pathways can alleviate pain and speed up healing time, according to many Chinese and Russian physicians. It can alleviate muscle pain, symptoms of the flu, soothe burns and eliminate many skin-related issues. Who would have guessed…

3. Egg Yolk Colors

Can you identify which of these eggs is the best tasting or what the color and size of the yolk say about the health of the chicken it came from? Well, get ready to find out what it all means. cool stuff, cool stuff

Turns out, the darker, rounder, thicker yolks are the tastiest and come from the healthiest chickens. The lighter yolks mean that the chicken your egg came from has most likely never seen sunlight. So out of these three eggs, the one on the far left would be the best.

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