Psychologists Reveal 10 Fl*rting Strategies That’ll Help Anyone Become Irresistible

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Everyone who has ever ventured into the world of dating knows that it has a lot of hidden hazards. Attracting someone you like can also be challenging. However, if you take fl*rting as what it actually is — a natural strategy of propagation — everything will go differently. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff and the team from Psych2Go offer you the 10 best flirting strategies that actually work.

1. Eye contact

Eye contact that lasts for longer than usual can reveal a lot about mutual attraction. It can last about 4-5 seconds, but it will convey much more than a fleeting glance. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

While communicating with a prospective mate, you can find physiological proof of their interest in you: dilated pupils. For the same reason, you can just look into someone’s eyes if you want to let them know you’re interested in them.

2. Wearing red

Bright red is always a way to carry a message, be it ripe strawberries, a road sign, or a necklace. Psychologist Adam Pazda suggests that it might have to do with natural instincts like those female baboons incite by demonstrating red patches on their buttocks to signal their readiness to mate.

With his colleagues from the University of Rochester, he conducted an experiment by showing men pictures of women in red and white. Many of the participants thought that the ladies in red would be more open to romance. The results of an analogous experiment with women were similar: men in red shirts and sweaters looked more confident and attractive in their eyes.

3. Humor

Professor Geoffrey Miller, a psychologist from the University of New Mexico, is sure that humor is one of the key ways to help us decide if we like a person. The ability to be funny suggests quick thinking and creativeness, which always come in handy in all aspects of life. Don’t be surprised if a witty joke helps you to arrange a date more quickly than traditional attempts to win someone’s heart.

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