Pilots Revealed 16 Nuances That Will Help You Become an Expert in Air Travel

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12. Pilots and dispatchers don’t always communicate in a formal way.

There is a tradition that dispatchers congratulate pilots on all holidays. Just imagine: a pilot can have up to 4 flights per day before Christmas, and during this time about 2,000 people wish him a merry Christmas. “When the German football team became the champions, all dispatchers of the world were congratulating our crew,” says Antje Sheppera, a pilot with Lufthansa.

11. An ordinary person will never manage to land a plane.

In movies, we are often shown how pilots lose the chance to land an aircraft because of villains. And that’s when the main character, a very skilled fellow, starts his game. Unfortunately, it’s close to impossible to do it in real life. Even if a person is a genius, is fond of computer simulators that match the real model of an aircraft 100%, and is ready to follow all the instructions from the ground, he is likely to fail due to a simple aspect: stress.

10. Flight delays affect not only passengers but flight attendants as well.

The fact is that flight attendants are paid only for flight hours. The time spent on the ground is not counted. The only thing that air companies offer is a small expense allowance for every hour spent at the airport. Hence, there is no need to show your irritation to a stewardess if your plane is still on the ground for some reason.

9. Pilots take turns to visit the lavatory.

When one of the pilots needs to use the facilities, a flight attendant goes into the cockpit and waits until the pilot returns. This is done to avoid issues such as being locked out of the cockpit while the second pilot suddenly passes out.

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