Pilots Revealed 16 Nuances That Will Help You Become an Expert in Air Travel

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Each profession has its own secrets that shouldn’t be shared with anyone “outside the circle.“ Aviation has always been surrounded by mysteries, and this fact makes it even more interesting to learn the ”insides” of this sphere. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Authoritylove.com has collected confessions of crew members from different airlines and wants to share them with you before you start your next trip.

16. It’s prohibited for a pilot to have a beard.

Some airlines forbid their pilots from having beards. The reason behind it is an oxygen mask that should fit the face tightly if an emergency situation occurs (pilots, as well as passengers, will have to put one on). A beard can prevent this. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

15. It’s cold on planes for the sake of your health.

According to research, there is a connection between the temperature and pressure on a plane and loss of consciousness caused by hypoxia. The latter can be caused by overheated air in a cabin. That’s why the air temperature is kept cool. Dress warmly for flights!

14. Planes never fly in straight lines.

On some long flights, passengers are shown a map with the trajectory of the flight. You can see that the aircraft does not fly directly but in a curve. Sometimes it even flies in zigzags. The thing is that our Earth is a flattened sphere, while the map on the screen is flat. The second reason is special requirements for flights, according to which all routes should always be near airports in order to have enough time to reach one in case of a forced landing. Weather conditions affect the trajectory as well.

13. It’s better to be wearing sturdy shoes on a flight.

Give your preference to sturdy shoes with a solid sole because in an emergency evacuation you might find yourself standing in your flip-flops on the hot tarmac or in the weeds in your bare feet.

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