7 Little-Known Benefits of Rosehip That Can Revolutionize Your Skincare Routine

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There’s a reason why so many celebrities love rosehip oil and include it in their daily skin care routines. Rosehip oil is derived from the rosa canina rose bush and it’s pressed from the plant’s fruit and seeds. This oil is packed with skin-nourishing vitamins, essential fatty acids, and phenols that have antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Kate Middleton uses rosehip oil to get flawless skin. Miranda Kerr says that this oil is great when it comes to age prevention. So, let’s see how your skin will thank you if you add this oil to your skin care regimen! cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Authoritylove.com collected 7 benefits of rosehip oil that are sure to inspire you to give this miracle oil a try.

7. Rosehip oil fades scars.

Due to vitamins A, B, and C, rosehip oil has an anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and antimicrobial effect. Therefore, this oil can be used to reduce scars, burns, and acne. To improve the efficiency of this oil, apply it to the damaged area with clean fingers.

Anti-fade massage: cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

  • Pour a quarter of a tsp of the product onto your palm. You can warm the oil up a bit if you wish;
  • Massage the skin gently until the oil is completely absorbed;
  • The procedure can be done in the morning and evening before bedtime.

6. Rosehip oil has anti-age properties.

The oil contains tocopherol and carotene that stimulate the synthesis of collagen, a natural protein that supports the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. Thus, the oil slows the formation of wrinkles and has a softening effect. Due to the vitamin C, it helps increase blood flow and improves the nutrition of skin cells.

Anti-age mask recipe:

  • Mix one tbsp of sour cream with one tsp rosehip and 2 drops of orange essential oil;
  • Apply it to your skin for 20-30 minutes;
  • Rinse with warm water.
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