50 Vintage Life Hacks That Are Surprisingly Useful

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When you think about it, everything we know now is most likely the result of wisdom being passed down from generation to generation — but how did people possibly remember all this stuff before they could just add it to the Pinterest app on their phone? As it turns out, they used something akin to trading cards…with a twist. cool stuff, cool stuff

Gallaher’s, a Victorian British cigarette brand, began inserting stiff cards with helpful information on them in cigarette packs around 1880, so as to make them sturdier. The cards became so popular that Gallaher’s started an entire series of ‘How To Do It’ cards.  cool stuff, cool stuff

The New York Public Library recently digitized its ‘How To Do It’ cards collection, and these vintage life hacks are still absolute gems… cool stuff, cool stuff

1. How to Bandage a Foot

2. How to Fix Loose Shoes

3. How to Increase Your Lung Power

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