16 Modern Rules of Underwear Etiquette Only Real Ladies Know About

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Our underwear can do a great job when it comes to hiding body imperfections. But it can also ruin your look if you fail to choose the right size or style. If you want to create a beautiful and elegant look, you have to remember about modern underwear etiquette.

Authoritylove.com has collected 16 rules that will help you choose great panties, tights, and bras without hesitation and look magnificent. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Sheer blouse rules

Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

You have to choose a bra of the same tone as your blouse. In the past, a combination of a black bra and a white blouse was fashionable but today it looks awful.

  • It’s better to wear a beige bra without any colorful patterns.
  • If your blouse is too sheer, you may replace your bra with a lace bralette.
  • Avoid wearing white underwear as this color is too noticeable.

 Bra rules

Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

All stylists claim that there’s one major rule: a bra should be invisible. First, you have to pay attention to the texture of the materials that your bra and clothes are made of.

  • The looser your clothes are, the more decorative details your bra may have.
  • If you like tight clothes, you’re recommended to choose a “smooth” bra without any lumps.
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