16 Kitchen Secrets You Didn’t Know About

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7. Whip egg whites while warm.

For a perfect texture of the base for cream or meringues, use egg whites at room temperature: they’ll whip better this way. It’s also important to separate them from the yolks correctly.

6. Cook a crunchy-base pizza.

If you’re cooking pizza at home and want to get a golden crunchy crust, you should take some steps beforehand.

The first option: put the dough in the oven for 2-3 minutes before placing the condiments on it. This will protect the base from moisture — for example, that of tomatoes.

The second option: put the dough on a heated sheet pan, and then start decorating it.

5. Use several cutting boards.

You should have at least two cutting boards in your kitchen: one for meat, fish, and game, and the other for foods that don’t require cooking. It’s necessary to prevent contamination because raw meat can contain dangerous bacteria that are only killed during cooking.

To avoid mixing them up, buy different colored boards or ones with colorful edges.

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