16 Kitchen Secrets You Didn’t Know About

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10. Store bread in the fridge.

Bread should be stored in a cool and dry place — that is, in the fridge. Just make sure it’s packed well so that it doesn’t acquire foreign smells.

9. Use vinegar instead of adding more salt.

A rich and salty flavor is achieved with lemon juice and balsamic, apple cider, or wine vinegar, not lots of salt. Be sure to evaporate the vinegar while cooking.

8. Cook fried eggs in the microwave.

Making fried eggs is easy, but it can become even simpler if you cook them in the microwave. Just make a small puncture with a knife or a needle in the egg yolk to let it cook from the inside as well as the outside. Then put the eggs in the microwave for 45 seconds. Your perfect fry is ready.

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