16 Kitchen Secrets You Didn’t Know About

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13. Don’t keep milk in the fridge door.

The fridge door seems to be a perfect place to store dairy, but, in fact, it has a slightly higher temperature. Besides, opening the door leads to temperature jumps, shortening the shelf life of milk.

12. Stir pasta when boiling it.

It’s no secret that any pasta should be put into boiling water. But not everyone knows you should stir it in the first minutes for the pasta not to stick together or to the bottom of the pan.

11. Don’t open the oven while baking.

By opening the oven, you decrease its temperature, and your pie or bread caves in.

If you want to check on your pastry, turn on the light inside the oven. Only open it a few minutes before everything’s cooked, when the dough has puffed already.

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