15 Special Tricks Every Police Officer Uses

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Police officers are the order of any country. In movies, they chase the worst criminals, conduct interrogations, and, of course, they save people. But is this all this true? And how do these things really happen? cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Authoritylove.com has collected the most interesting facts about the dangerous work that policemen do. Most people probably have no idea about these crazy facts.

1. Police officers know everything about you

When you get a biometric passport or in situations when you need to leave your fingerprints, you get into the police database. Of course, it helps them in investigations, but sometimes, they can use it for their own purposes. If you have a friend in the police force, you can be sure that he or she already knows everything that you tell them. And maybe a little bit more. And in some U.S. states, police cars are equipped with a device that can get the information using a satellite antenna, so it makes it much easier for the police to find out the information on necessary people. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Belts for supermen

Police belts can easily compete with any gadgets from the Marvel universe. They have almost everything that a real hero might need: a radio, handcuffs, flashlights, powerful tasers, a pepper spray or a knife (depending on the country), a gun and ammo, a folding club, a pen, a pencil, and keys.

3. The biggest part of the job is routine

Thanks to movies, many people think that working in the police force means having exciting car chases, making arrests, and surviving shootouts. But don’t forget that policemen also have to fill out an incredible amount of paperwork, such as reports and statements from cases like old ladies whose cats are missing. This can be extremely boring even for the people who love bureaucracy.

4. They have their own “brotherhood”

There is a so-called police brotherhood. They can recognize each other even in a crowd of people who are wearing everyday clothes. The goal of the brotherhood is to maintain order and help each other in difficult times. They have their own logo and secret rules that very few people know.

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