15 Celebrity Couples Who Prove Love Lasts Forever

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Being under the public eye at all times must be an enormous challenge for celebrity couples to overcome.

Subject to constant scrutiny, celebrity relationships often appear to be almost impossible to maintain.

Still, love can overcome all problems, as demonstrated by the following celebrity couples!

1. Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor – 17 years together

After meeting each other at a party thrown by a mutual friend, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor became a couple and eventually got married.

Having been married for over 17 years now, Ben and Christine are also the proud parents of two kids.

2. Hugh Laurie & Jo Green – 27 years together

Having been married now for over 27 years, Jo Green and House TV show star Hugh Laurie are an amazing example of how love can persist through all.

“Jo and I complete each other perfectly, and I feel that over the years, we have become closer,” Hugh said when asked about his marriage.

3. Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick – 28 years together

The relationship between Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick was off to a rocky start, since Kevin was a lot more interested in Kyra than she into him.

Eventually sweeping her off her feet, Kevin and Kyra have been together now for 28 years!

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