14 Beauty Myths That Make Us Look Worse

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Myth #8: It’s helpful to warm acne in the sun — this process dries acne.

Sun really dries out the skin but the skin reacts to it by secreting more oil that clogs the pores. Moreover, long exposure to the sun without protection can promote a sun allergy, which causes the appearance of blemishes.

Myth #9: An even tan is the main indicator of healthy skin.

Tanning is a protective reaction the body has against damaging effects. A good and even tan says that the skin is damaged and is trying to protect itself.

Myth #10: Removing moles can be harmful to your health.

mole is a pigmented formation on the skin. Moles can have different colors and shapes. Most moles are harmless but some of them can turn into melanoma under the influence of external factors. That’s why it’s necessary to remove all benign lesions on the skin. This medical procedure is absolutely harmless.

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