14 Beauty Myths That Make Us Look Worse

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Beauty requires sacrifice and in order to stay beautiful, we readily make these sacrifices. However, as it turns out, many habitual actions and beliefs for sustaining a perfect appearance are actually not that necessary. Moreover, many of them not only waste our time and money but also damage our looks. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Authoritylove.com wants to help you figure out what myths you’d better stop believing in order to stay beautiful.

Myth #1: Everyday makeup is harmful to the skin.

In fact, it’s not makeup itself, but instead, the act of neglecting to remove it properly before going to bed that harms the skin. The skin should have an opportunity to breathe and oxygenate. In the daytime, modern cosmetics contain UV filters, moisturizing and protective properties that are useful since they can protect the skin from the aggressive impact of the environment. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Myth #2: If there’s a “hypoallergenic” sign on a cosmetic bottle, the product will suit any skin type.

Hypoallergenic” cosmetic products lack only the most wide-spread allergenic ingredients such as alcohol, for example. However, the only ingredient that any skin has no reaction to is distilled water. That’s why it’s important to remember to learn carefully the content of even the most harmless products before buying them. Cosmetics based on natural ingredients aren’t for everyone.

Myth #3: Moisturizing creams don’t prevent wrinkles.

In fact, today many moisturizing creams fight the appearance of wrinkles. The main thing to keep in mind is that there should be UV filters and vitamins containing antioxidants in the composition of the cream that you use.

Myth #4: The skin gets adjusted to creams and the creams lose their effect. That’s why they should be changed from time to time.

This myth is definitely wrong. Sometimes shifting to a new cream can be stressful for the skin. However, bear in mind that skincare rules are different for different seasons. If a cream for sustaining an optimal pH level is enough for summer, then the winter cream apart from protecting from direct sun rays, wind, and dust, should have properties that moisturize and nourish.

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