12 Popular Internet Beauty Tips That Can Seriously Hurt Your Health

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9. Using soda for facial peeling

Soda is one of the most popular things that people use as a scrub. It seems that it can clear the face well without damaging it. So why is soda a bad idea? It’s all because of your body’s pH-balance. The skin’s pH balance is 4.5 and soda’s balance is a 9. That’s why soda dries the skin, causes wrinkles, and premature aging.

10. Using mayonnaise instead of hair conditioner

Mayonnaise consists of eggs and oil. How can such a safe combination do any harm? Because the sauce is very fatty, your hair may become heavy and sticky. As a result, you will have sticky hair that looks like icicles.

11. Clearing skin with boric acid

Boric acid is used in clearing tonics, washing gels and peeling agents. So, it seems that if you use just boric acid alone, the clearing process should go faster and the effect should last longer. However, this isn’t true. Pure acid won’t clear anything, it will only leave burns and skin irritation.

12. Lightening hair with laundry detergent

If someone had a bad experience dying their hair and they don’t like the color, this method suggests they wash their hair out with detergent. Yes, some people really use this method! However, detergents contain harmful phosphates. They cause skin dryness, skin irritation, rashes, and hair loss.

What strange and dangerous beauty tricks do you know? Share them with us! Maybe your experience will save someone from a bad beauty experiment in the future.

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