12 Popular Internet Beauty Tips That Can Seriously Hurt Your Health

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5. Solvent as a way to dilute dried nail polish

Nail polish remover is not the best way to fix a dry bottle of nail polish. You can both ruin the nail polish and your nails. Your nails can turn yellow and become cracked. So, use a special diluent when trying to loosen your polish.

6. Warm oil with lemon juice for nail growth

For this mixture, warm up some oil, add lemon juice and soak your hands in it. This procedure is supposed to stimulate the growth of your nails. However, the lemon will just dry the cuticle, the skin and the nails which will make them more vulnerable to damage. And don’t forget that lemon juice is a strong allergen.

7. Vacuum removal of acne

The Internet is full of commercials about the pore vacuum cleaner. “This small device will make your skin perfectly clear,” they claim. “Now, you don’t need to spend money on visiting doctors!” However, this is not as simple a solution as it seems. The device can leave marks on the skin and cause telangiectasia if the skin is susceptible to couperose.

8. Cosmetic oil instead of facial cream

Using basic oils instead of facial cream is another popular lifehack when it comes to skincare. Oils can cause comedones, dryness and allergic reactions. If you can’t stop using oils instead of cream, use it no more than two times a week.

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