11 Fashion Tips That Can Make Anyone Admire Your Sense of Style

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4. Clothes with animal prints

According to Vogue, animal print is a frequent feature of fashion collections and is extremely popularthis year. It is used for decorating literally everything — from coats and skirts to dresses and tights. However, this pattern can be tricky — it can either create a bold and playful look or spoil everything.

Very often, a stylish and harmonious outfit can be created if there is only one item with an animal print in the look. Also, remember that the pattern itself is quite defiant, which means you shouldn’t additionally try to enhance your figure with an extremely tight style, with transparent inlays, or with a mini skirt. Otherwise, you may end up looking vulgar instead of beautiful.

5. Kimonos

Kimono styles are still popular. They are famous for the richness of their bright prints and the texture of their fabrics. This item can be used not only in the summer, but it can even make a more conservative look feel fresh. The experts at Vogue are sure that you can make your look stylish by wearing a kimono instead of a dress or you can add it to jeans and a basic top. Anyway, try to not overdo it with too many details.

6. Glasses

Sometimes we wear glasses out of necessity, other times — as an accessory. In both cases, choosing a beautiful frame is quite a challenge. However, the effort of overcoming it won’t be in vain because glasses attract attention to the eyes, can correct the facial features, and can make a statement about their owner’s good sense of style. “Today bold black, classic tortoise, half-transparent plastic, and ‘wired’ geometrical frames are trendy,” writes Italo Pantano, the fashion editor of Italian Vogue. It’s high time to start experimenting.

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