100 Ultimate Beauty Secrets That Stand the Test of Time

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For many women, looking their best at all times is absolutely essential. To emphasize their beauty, they’re often ready to spend a huge amount of time and money on a special makeup routine or the ideal manicure. It’s for that reason that many of them long to find something fast, simple, and very effective when it comes to their beauty treatment. A snap of your fingers and it’s done — now wouldn’t that be a dream? cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Well, you’re in luck today because Authoritylove.com has put together this list of 100 beauty secrets that stand the test of time.


  • You can curl your hair using a hairband. Simply bind your hair up for a few hours or overnight, and you’ll have the desired result in no time. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff
  • Comb your hair from the roots to the tips. This will help give it a natural shine.
  • Your hair can be made to look thicker and you can hide outgrown roots with the help of dyes of a similar shade to your hair color.
  • You should always be ready to explain and/or show your hairdresser what you want the result of your haircut to be. Use photographs to illustrate the style and color you want.
  • A parting in your hair in the form of a zigzag can also help to hide outgrown roots. When light falls on an irregular hairline it gets refracted, and the distinction between different hair colors becomes less noticeable.
  • To stop stray hairs sticking out, apply some hair spray, and then smooth your hair out with a mascara brush.

  • In order to protect your hair from the sun, don’t forget to put on a hat or a scarf.
  • Sleep on a silk or satin pillow to prevent hair from falling out. If you use any other kind of material, make sure it’s 100% natural.
  • Sometimes all it takes to give your hair the appearance of more volume is for you to simply change the place where your hair parts.
  • To avoid your hair getting tangled, use a wide-toothed comb, especially for dry hair.
  • Dry shampoo or baby powder can be used to make your hair less oily. Simply apply it to the roots, and your hair will look great all day.
  • Here’s a tip that may just turn out to be the discovery of the century. How to properly use bobby pins:
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