10 Things Men Wear That Drive Women Crazy

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From our childhood, we’re taught not to judge a book by its cover, but our first impression of someone is usually always based on their appearance. And although it’s widely believed that women love with their ears, a sense of style in men is still strongly welcomed. Sometimes, it’s not even so much about the clothes as it is about the details and accessories. Do you want to know what many women consider to be attractive in men and what they never fail to spot? cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Authoritylove.com found out and described most of the details of men’s style that make women melt on the inside.

10. Eyeglasses

In this case, a lot depends on one’s preferences, associations, and a woman’s beliefs. For example, if she always believed that eyeglasses are all about boring nerds, this accessory may push her away. But if she once decided that mainly charismatic, smart, and dedicated men wear them, it’s highly likely that she’ll consider such an accessory to be really eye-catching.

The reason we included this point in the article is that, according to statistics and research, many women do think this way. They think that glasses (and sunglasses too) make men more attractive and dreamy. That’s why the reason to wear this simple accessory will most likely be worth it. Remember that eyeglasses can make you look either unattractive or handsome — it just depends on which type you choose. So make sure to choose the type that fits the shape of your face best.

9. Sharp suit

In the modern world, men wear suits mainly to business meetings and official gatherings. However, men really underestimate the power of the lasting impression that suits make on women. Men could really wear suits to dates because a sharp custom-made suit adds quite a lot to one’s sexuality. Any woman loves to see an elegantly-dressed man and believe that he dressed up for her.

Psychologists believe that a V-shaped body is considered to be the sign of a good health and a high level of testosterone. That’s why it’s recommended to give preference to suits that are perfectly fitted to one’s torso. By doing so, you emphasize your advantages and look more masculine thanks to the wide shoulders and strong arms.

8. Cashmere sweater

When choosing clothes, men and women often aren’t aware of the effect that fabric has on other people. High-quality cashmere is an expensive and rare fabric. It’s a thin, soft, and warm woolly fabric that makes clothes light and pleasant to the touch.

Studies prove that when provided with a choice, women would most likely choose clothes made of this fabric as opposed to those made of wool or silk. It’s not surprising. Cashmere sweaters make a man look less strict and more tender and soft. Besides, a cashmere sweater is a pleasure to touch; psychologically, it conveys a more positive mood and brings the sense of comfort next to the person wearing it.

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