10 Signs Which Prove That A Girl Is Secretly In Love With You

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Understanding women or girls can be said to be the most difficult job of the world and it becomes really very difficult when a guy has fallen for a girl but he is not sure about the feelings of the girl. That guy will always be afraid to open up and propose, fearing rejection and losing her friendship, while on the other hand, girl may be hoping that the boy will move a step further.

In this article, we present 10 signs that will help you understand that she’s secretly in love with you:

1. The way she looks at you:

She always stares you in a different way and her eyes say it all. If you pay attention, you can read her emotions for you on her face. Her lips pronounce your name even when they don’t move, her eyes are set on you when you are not looking at her, her cheeks start blushing if your eyes meet with those of hers and gradually, she looks in a different direction, giving an impression that she wasn’t looking at you. She feels little awkward and nervous and hence, begins to check her phone or play with her hair.

2. She’s the first person to respond you:

She will be the first person to laugh even on your worst jokes and respond to whatever you say even if it’s senseless. Isn’t that wonderful? You are more important for her than anybody else and it’s clearly apparent with her activities.

3. You mean a lot to her:

She seeks ways of spending time with you alone as well as prefers your company in group too. She never forgets whatever you said, good or bad, and observes you to such an extent that she begins to copy your style unintentionally. You dominate her mind and she talks to her bestie about you only.

4. She’s concerned about you & cares for you:

Her little but sweet gestures will give you an idea of her feelings. For example, if you are not well, she will call you again and again to ensure that you are fine. She might even get you juice, soup or other healthy stuff so that you recover soon.

5. When she sends messages & says it got sent by mistake:

She seeks excuses to send you messages and then pretends that it got sent mistakenly. Needless to say, she just wishes for initiating a conversation but hesitates to say directly.

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