10 Scientifically Proven Ways The Smartphone Is Slowly Killing Us

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With the development of technology, digital devices have become firmly established in our lives. They enable virtual communication, access to the needed information, as well as making photos, entertaining and performing many different functions. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

The popularity of smartphones has become so high that an increasing number of scientists are exploring the impact of this type of mobile phone on a person. The active use of smartphones began relatively recently, so the final results of research on their effect on the human body have not yet been received. Technology science, science news, recent science

However, according to the information that is available today, it can be argued that the enthusiasm for these smart gadgets can negatively affect the health of the user. Dependence on these gadgets is becoming a serious problem in the modern digital world, and studies have shown that they can cause 10 problems with the human health: cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

#1. The electromagnetic radiation of the smartphone worsens the sperm quality. The authors of the study, published in Environment International, argue that the smartphone can slow the sperm motility by 8%.

#2. American physicist Bernard Feldman found a possible cause of cancer in rats exposed to prolonged exposure to radiation from mobile phones.

Technology science, science news, recent science

#3. At a time when a person is passionate about communication or playing the tablet, his neck bends, and his hands are in a fixed position. Because of this, the load on the muscles holding the upper part of the spine increases, which causes pain in the neck, shoulder girdle, giving up in hands, sometimes to the brush itself.

#4. Smartphones replaced books, with which people relaxed and calmed down before going to bed. The use of these small devices with burning screens adversely affects the circadian rhythms of the body. Studies show that smartphones cause insomnia.

#5. Listening to music or audiobooks often happens using headphones. Being in a crowded place, a person instinctively through music listens to the sounds of the surrounding world, which affects the hearing system negatively.

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