10 Fingernail Changes That Point to More Serious Medical Issues

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#4. Split Nails. This problem often arises because the nails are in contact with hot water or cold and dry air.

#5. Clubbed Nails. This condition of the nails speaks of the weakness of the heart and lungs.

#6. White Nails. If the nails are white, but darker rims are seen, this may indicate liver problems, for example, hepatitis. In this case the fingers of the patient are jaundice, this is an ailment, as is also known as a sign of a sick liver.

#7. Yellow Nails. If your nails have lost their pinkish color and acquire a yellowish hue, this can be a sign of diabetes or lung disease. However, the yellowish color of the nails can be with a fungus or psoriasis, which struck the skin under the fingernails. If your nails turn yellow, it is best to see a doctor.

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