10 Fantastic Uses for Beer You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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Usually when we hear the word “beer” we immediately think of the sparkling golden drink with a bubbly white foam head. And, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is how nice it would be to grab a pint right now. Cool stuff, Cool stuff, Cool stuff

We at Authoritylove.com have discovered some unexpected uses and amazing benefits of this beverage. So next time you’re drinking beer, think twice before finishing it all!

1. It nourishes your hair and promotes hair growth

Beer is rich in vitamin B and silicon, the key ingredients for healthy hair that also stimulate hair growth. Cool stuff, Cool stuff, Cool stuff

Just pour a glass of beer over your hair, massage into the scalp, and leave for five minutes. Rinse with cold water. Your hair will shine like never before.

2. It makes your skin firm and smooth

Beer contains antioxidants that prevent skin aging. But, surprisingly, this alcoholic beverage has another amazing benefit: it boosts the self-repairing abilities of your skin, helps tighten it, and thus diminishes small wrinkles.

Try this facial mask: mix together 1 tablespoon of beer, an egg white, and 3 drops of almond oil. Apply to a clean face, and leave for 10 minutes.

3. It helps you sleep better

Hop flower, being one of the key beer ingredients, is a natural sedative known as an effective herbal remedy for insomnia. Cool stuff, Cool stuff, Cool stuff

You can try this simple trick: wash your pillowcases with an equal amount of water and beer. The fabric will absorb the aroma of hops and will make you fall asleep faster.

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