10 Body Changes That Need Your Attention

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5. Red face

If we exclude natural physiological changes such as changes in temperature, massage, or alcohol consumption, there are 3 wide-spread reasons for getting a red face. For women after 40, it is due to a decrease in hormone levels indicating the beginning of menopause. A red face can also indicate the presence of infections that cause demodicosis. A partial redness that goes together with sudden attacks of dizziness can signify pressure fluctuations that can be normalized with the help of special medicines.

6. Dry heels

The skin on feet gets dry due to the lack of vitamins A and E. It can also be caused by a presence of fungal infections that affects the overall condition of the epidermis. The last case usually goes together with numerous cracks and the yellowing of nail plates. If dryness and roughness don’t disappear even with proper care and adequate intake of vitamins, this may be a sign of endocrine disruption.

7. Dry hands and dry skin on the body

Dry skin is the norm during colder seasons but using a moisturizing cream, consuming plenty of water and taking vitamins are quite helpful. If the solutions mentioned above don’t help you, you’d better visit a dermatologist because dry skin is also one of the common signs of diabetes and hypothyroidism. If your skin isn’t just rough and peeling but also tight and full of cracks, it may turn out to be dermatitis caused by a natural reaction to chemical exposure.

8. Foot deformity

The displacement of a foot bent inward and a change in the shape of the foot which is characterized by the omission of the longitudinal or transverse arches usually indicates flatfoot. According to statistics, transverse flatfoot combined with other deformations occurs more often than longitudinal flatfoot and it’s women that are more vulnerable to it. The reason for this is due to wearing high heels causing an uneven load distribution to take place, putting the biggest load on the area of the transverse arch. When this arch isn’t able to stand such a load, the foot gets unpleasant, painful, pulling sensations indicating the beginning of a deformation.

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